Akinori Goto's work, “Rediscovery of anime” was awarded a ‘Honorary Mentions’ at ’2018 Prix Ars Electronica’ held in Austria, and it was nominated for STARS PRIZE '18 as well.

Akinori Goto “Rediscovery of anima”

 When an image is exposed to the sunlight streaming through the slit between the stones, it will appear as if the person is moving.
This project is derived from Goto’s “toki-“series, and the aim of this project is to discover "anima," which could have existed, but did not exist.
This project also aims to show people anew the sheer joy and admiration of the illusion of movement in an age where technological advancements have made it possible to consume visual media in many different situations.

  • Prix Ars Electronica
  • Computer Animation Honorary Mentions

The work that represents human movement by using pumice stones and strings.
How it would have been used if it had existed 30,000 years ago?

Tree branches and sunlight that represent the person walking.
How they would have been used if they had existed in the 19th century, when movies were born?

A message from Akinori Goto :
“Rediscovery of anima” is the project developed through “Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Arts Creators 2017”, which is an initiative that the Agency of Cultural Affairs provides practical support to the artists.
Since I applied primitive methods to produce “Rediscovery of anima”, I was surprised to know the Agency of Cultural Affairs selected my work in their initiative.
I believe it has been an interest or desire existing from ancient times for human beings to express and record the movement.
Therefore I’m going to keep advancing this project.